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Real Estate Roundup: San Francisco Housing Affordability Improves in the First Quarter

Healthy wage growth helped boost affordability in San Francisco in the first quarter, although buying a home here still takes up the bulk of the average income. And tight inventory conditions aren't just a problem here in the Bay Area, as the U.S. home supply drops to a record low. Check out these and other stories of note in Pacific Union's latest Real Estate Roundup.

California: The Toughest State for Millennial Homebuyers

The current U.S. real estate market is proving challenging to the youngest and largest group of homebuyers, with ownership rates for those under 35 at a two-decade low as of 2015. Conditions are even harder for first-time buyers in California, where high prices, tight supply conditions, and poor affordability are keeping more millennials from purchasing homes.

U.S. Housing Affordability Falls to Six-Year Low

It's not just the Bay Area and California that are experiencing major housing affordability challenges: it's the entire country, and the rising mortgage rates that ensued in the wake of the U.S. presidential election are exacerbating the problem.

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